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Hebe hectoris (Hook. f.) Ckn. & Allan

Modern name

Hebe hectorii Cockayne & Allan


Veronica hectori Hook. f.

A shrub 6 in. to 2 ft high, with stiffly erect, much-branched, round stems, almost completely hidden by closely appressed, scale-like leaves; shoots of the year, with their covering of leaves, 112 to 18 in. thick, the lateral ones springing from the stem at a narrowly acute angle. Leaves broadly deltoid, 110 to 16 in. long, each pair united by their margins at the base, thick, roundly convex on the exposed side, obtuse at the apex, the margins ciliate. Flowers 14 in. wide, white or pinkish, crowded in a small terminal head. Sepals narrowly oblong, about as long as the corolla-tube. Bot. Mag., t. 7415.

Native of the South Island of New Zealand. It is one of the very hardiest of the New Zealand hebes and makes an interesting small evergreen, but is rather shy-flowering. H. lycopodioides has equally stout stems, but they are distinctly four-angled, not terete as in H. hectoris.



Other species in the genus