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A genus of five or six species of large evergreen trees in western N. America, Mexico, China, Formosa, and Japan. Buds slender, acute, not resinous. Leaves set spirally, but spreading and crowded into two opposite rows, linear, grooved above, with two bands of stomata beneath. Cones pendulous, with persistent scales (as in Picea); bracts much longer than the scales and always a conspicuous feature of the cone (in Picea the bracts are very small and never exposed; the cones of Abies often have exserted bracts, but they are erect, and the scales are deciduous). The generic name Pseudotsuga implies a resemblance to Tsuga, but in that genus the cones resemble those of Picea (except in being smaller) and, as in Picea, the branchlets are roughened by the persistent leaf-bases, whereas in Pseudotsuga they are more or less smooth (as in Abies).

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