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Pterocarya hupehensis Skan

Modern name

Pterocarya hupehensis Skan

A tree 70 ft or more high, with glabrous, minutely glandular young shoots. Leaves 7 to 12 in. long, composed of five, seven, or nine leaflets, which are oval-lanceolate, oblong, or slightly obovate, pointed, obliquely rounded at the base, toothed, 112 to 5 in. long, 34 to 2 in. wide; glabrous except for tufts of brownish down in the vein-axils beneath; common stalk glabrous, roundish, not winged. The fruiting catkin is 12 to 18 in. long, each nut with a pair of roundish wings, the whole rather more than 1 in. across.

Native of the mountains of Hupeh, China; discovered by Henry in 1888, and introduced by Wilson for Messrs Veitch in 1901. The young trees appear to be quite hardy. The species is closely allied to P. fraxinifolia; so far as we know at present it has not so many leaflets on each leaf, and they are slightly stalked. The base of the blade of the leaflet does not overlap the main-stalk as it usually does in P. fraxinifolia.



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