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Pyrus × michauxii Poir.

Modern name

Pyrus michauxii Bosc ex Poir.

A small tree with unarmed branches forming a rounded head. Leaves entire, ovate or oval-oblong, blunt at the apex, or with a short, abrupt point, up to 3 in. long, 1 to 112 in. wide, covered when young with white, cottony down, which afterwards falls away and leaves them shining and glabrous above. Flowers white, in very short corymbs. Fruits globose or top-shaped, greenish yellow when ripe, spotted with brown. By some curious error this tree was long regarded as a native of N. America; but no true pear is indigenous to the New World. It is probably from the Levant, and no doubt a hybrid between P. amygdaliformis and P. nivalis. It differs from the former in its entire leaves.



Other species in the genus