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Ulmus elliptica K. Koch

Modern name

Ulmus elliptica K.Koch

Allied to U. glabra, which it is said to resemble in habit, but differing in the rusty hairs on the buds, the ciliate leaves, and in having samaras which are downy at the centre on both sides. Native of southwest Russia, including the Crimea and the Caucasus. It is remarkable that the characters by which U. elliptica differs from the common wych elm are shared by the American U. rubra. But the bark is less fissured than in the American tree, the leaves are thinner, more sharply toothed, and the samaras are more elongate. Henry held that the tree distributed by Späth as U. elliptica, and as ‘U. Heyderi’ were U. rubra, despite the fact that both were said to have come originally from the area of U. elliptica.



Other species in the genus