A modern reference to temperate woody plants, including updated content from this site and much new material, can be found at Trees and Shrubs Online.


W J Bean’s Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles was first published in 1914, as was updated regularly, with the first six editions coming out during Bean's lifetime.

The text of this website is from the 8th Edition, which was published in four volumes during the 1970s, along with a Supplement by Desmond Clarke which was published in 1988.

Another project, Trees and Shrubs Online, has started to update Bean's text, incorporate New Trees (Ross Bayton and John Grimshaw, 2009) and produce many new articles to create a truly modern reference to temperate trees and shrubs.

Using the site

The articles in the printed edition of Bean's Trees & Shrubs are organised alphabetically by genus, and then by species within each genus. This structure is reflected on this website.

There are two main ways to find articles: you can use the Browse page to find genera and species organised alphabetically, or you can search.

To search, either use the Quick Search box and button at the top of each page, or go to the Advanced Search page for further options.

On pages with genus articles, there are links for the species in that genus, and with species articles links to the other species in the same genus.

To find plants in a particular family, use the Advanced Search page. The search will largely produce articles about genera, but going to these will lead to articles on the species.


The International Dendrology Society conceived, funded and continues to support this project.

The project has been enabled by the generosity of the publisher, Hachette UK (formerly John Murray), and the holders of the copyright in the text from the Bean and Clarke families.

The "Modern Names" were derived from The Plant List by the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

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