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Abelia graebneriana Rehd.

Modern name

Abelia engleriana (Graebn.) Rehder

A deciduous shrub up to 10 ft high; young shoots nearly or quite glabrous. Leaves ovate, often rounded at the base, long and slenderly pointed, often rather conspicuously toothed; 112 to 214 in. long, 34 to 138 in. wide; slightly downy on the midrib and with scattered hairs above, conspicuously downy beneath on the midrib and veins near the stalk; margins set with whitish hairs; stalk glabrous, 18 in. long. The leaves on the flowering twigs are much smaller and almost toothless. Flowers solitary on the stalk; corolla pink, yellow in the throat, 1 in. long, between funnel-shaped and bell-shaped. Sepals two, narrow oblong. Blossoms in June and July.

Native of Central China; introduced by Wilson in 1910. It is closely related to A. engleriana, but the leaves are normally larger and more conspicuously toothed, the flowers larger. A. schumannii is easily distinguished by its small, nearly or quite entire, blunt-ended leaves and deeper-coloured flowers.

cv. ‘Vedrariensis’. – Leaves larger than in the type and deeper green. Flowers larger, with a more prominent blotch in the throat.



Other species in the genus