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Acanthopanax setchuenensis Diels

Modern name

Eleutherococcus setchuenensis (Harms ex Diels) Nakai

A deciduous shrub or small tree, up to 10 ft high, free from down in every part; stems with few or no prickles. Leaves composed of three leaflets borne on a stalk 112 to 4 in. long. Leaflets dark green above, paler or slightly glaucous beneath; oblong to ovate, 2 to 512 in. long, 1 to 2 in. wide, the margins finely toothed or almost entire; stalks 14 to 12 in. long. Flowers in a panicle of about six spherical umbels borne at the end of the season’s shoots during July; each umbel is 1 to 112 in. across, the central terminal one the largest; they are borne on stalks of varying length (34 to 3 in.), the whole panicle from 5 to 7 in. high. Fruits black.

Native of W. China; introduced by Wilson for Messrs Veitch about 1904. It is quite hardy and flowers in July. The absence of down from all parts of the plant and the trifoliolate leaves render it distinct.



Other species in the genus