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Andrachne colchica Boiss.

Modern name

Leptopus chinensis (Bunge) Pojark.

A native of the Caucasus, and a deciduous shrub about 3 ft high, of dense, erect habit, and with very slender, quite glabrous, leafy shoots, the terminal portions of which die back in winter. Leaves set about 14 in. apart on the shoots, ovate, 13 to 34 in. long, about half as wide, rounded at the base, blunt at the apex; quite glabrous, and with thickened, entire margins; dull green. Flowers 14 in. across, on thread-like stalks 12 to 58 in. long, produced successively along the young shoots throughout the summer and early autumn. Fruit pale brown, 14 in. across. Introduced to Kew, in 1900, from the Botanic Garden of Tiflis, but probably cultivated long previously.



Other species in the genus