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Aristotelia peduncularis (Labill.) Hook. f.

Modern name

Aristotelia peduncularis (Labill.) Hook.f.


Elaeocarpus peduncularis Labill.; Friesia peduncularis (Labill.) DC.

An evergreen shrub of lax habit to 6 ft or more high, glabrous in all its parts. Leaves opposite or in threes, ovate to lanceolate or narrowly elliptic, to 3 in. long, toothed. Flowers borne singly in the leaf-axils (sometimes two or three together), pendulous on slender stalks up to 34 in. long. Sepals four, green, lanceolate; petals four, white, 12 in. long, deeply three-lobed. Fruits heart-shaped, pink or red, black when ripe, up to 35 in. long. Bot. Mag., t. 4246.

Native of Tasmania; introduced in 1818. The flowers, borne in May, are considerably larger than in the other species described, but are too sparse to make much display. This species is very rare in gardens but is probably no more tender than A. chilensis. Young plants are in cultivation in the R.H.S. Garden, Wisley.



Other species in the genus