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Atraphaxis buxifolia (Bieb.) Jaub. & Spach

Modern name

Atraphaxis caucasica (Hoffm.) Pavlov


Polygonum crispulum Sims; Polygonum buxifolium Bieb.

A deciduous shrub 2 to 212 ft high; branches not or slightly spiny, often decumbent; young wood pale, very minutely glandular. Leaves dull green obovate, oval, or roundish, 13 to 34 in. long, from half to nearly as wide, glabrous, tapering at both ends, margins wavy and decurved; stalk 18 in. or less long with a pale, membranous, chaffy stipule at each side 14 in. long. Flowers pinkish white, produced in June in racemes that are 1 to 112 in. long; each flower is 13 in. diameter. Of the five divisions of the calyx, three remain, deepen in colour, and ultimately enclose the three-angled fruit. Flower-stalk slender, about 14 in. long, jointed at about one-third of its length from the base. Bot. Mag., t. 1065.

Native of the Caucasus, cultivated for more than a century in England, but not sufficiently showy to have ever become common. It is, nevertheless, interesting and pretty.



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