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Arundinaria murieliae

Modern name

Fargesia murielae (Gamble) T.P.Yi

This species was described from sterile specimens collected by Wilson. On the basis of a flowering in Denmark in 1974, it has been concluded that it is identical to the species described earlier by Franchet under the name Fargesia spathacea, and that its correct name in the appropriate segregate genus would be Thamnocalamus spathaceus (Franch.) Soderstrom; and in Arundinaria would become A. spathacea (Franch.) McClintock (The Garden (Journ. R.H.S.), Vol. 105, p. 298 (1980)). However, David McClintock tells us that it is by no means certain that the plants which flowered in Denmark were in fact A. murieliae, so it seems safer to retain the familiar name for the time being.



Other species in the genus