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Cistus clusii Dun.

Modern name

Cistus clusii Dunal


C. rosmarinifolius Pourr., in part, not All.

A dwarf shrub to about 1 ft high. Young shoots slender, hairy. Leaves linear, about 1 in. long, 18 to 14 in. wide, with recurved margains, hairy on both sides. Flowers white with a yellow centre, about 1 in. across, borne in sparsely hairy clusters; sepals three to five, with ciliate margins.

Native of N. Africa; introduced before 1826. It is very distinct in its small flowers and narrow leaves, and is one of the hardiest species.

C. libanotis L. C. bourgeanus Coss. – A local species, found only in the Algarve and along the coast of S. Spain from the Portuguese border to Cadiz. It is related to the preceding but the inflorescence is glabrous and the sepals reddish.



Other species in the genus