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Cistus 'Silver Pink'

Modern name

Cistus 'Silver Pink'

This hybrid rock rose, raised by Messrs Hillier and Sons of Winchester, was first shown in public by them at the Horticultural Hall, Westminster, in flower on 17th July 1919, when it was given an Award of Merit. It is of neat, bushy shape, and Messrs Hillier observe that it never grows higher than about 212 ft. They consider it to have originated from laurifolius crossed with creticus (villosus). The leaves are of firm texture, lanceolate, 1 to 3 in. long, dark green above, greyish green beneath, whilst the flowers, each 3 in. wide, are of a clear ‘silvery’ pink with no suspicion of purple or magenta in the colouring. The centre is filled with a bunch of golden-yellow stamens. This very charming cistus is hardy if grown in a fairly rich, well-drained soil; on poor, acid soils it makes weak growth and is inclined to be tender. In this and in × Halimiocistus wintonensis (q.v.), Messrs Hillier have added two plants of great beauty and interest to gardens.



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