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Populus glauca Haines

Modern name

Populus glauca Haines


P. jacquemontiana Dode var. glauca (Haines) Kimura

This little known poplar was described in 1906 from specimens collected in Sikkim. It also occurs in east Nepal, whence it has been introduced by A. D. Schilling. The leaves are broadly ovate, up to 8 in. long and 7 in. wide, shallowly cordate at the base, finely serrated, glaucous, finely downy beneath; petioles up to 5[1/2] in. long. Flowers often bisexual. Rachis of catkins and the capsules hairy. It is of uncertain affinity but was considered by Schneider to be allied to P. wilsonii.

The Schilling introduction (1983) consisted of five seedlings, three now permanently planted out at Wakehurst Place in Westwood Valley, where they are proving hardy. P. glauca promises to be an ornamental poplar, with fine glaucous foliage giving good autumn colour.