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Alnus × elliptica Req.

Modern name

Alnus × elliptica Req.

A natural hybrid, between A. glutinosa and A. cordata, found in Corsica, on the banks of the river Salenzara, near its mouth. Leaves oval to roundish, 112 to 3 in. long, 1 to 212 in. wide; rounded at the apex, rounded or broadly wedge-shaped at the base, finely toothed; glossy dark green above, glabrous except for tufts of down in the vein-axils beneath. Male catkins slender, 3 to 4 in. long. Fruits 34 to 1 in. long, 12 in. wide. There was once an example over 70 ft high on the banks of the lake at Kew. It was of unknown origin and grown as “A cordifolia var.” until identified with the above by Prof. Henry. It is quite possible this particular tree may have originated as a hybrid under cultivation. It leant more to A. cordata than the other parent, but the leaves were never heart-shaped at the base, and rarely pointed; the fruits were not so large and broad, and the male catkins were longer.



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