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Vaccinium crassifolium Andr.

Modern name

Vaccinium crassifolium Andrews

An evergreen shrub of more or less procumbent habit; young wood covered with fine down. Leaves set about 14 in. apart on the twigs, oval; 13 to 34 in. long, 18 to 38 in. wide, slightly toothed, quite glabrous, shining green, and of leathery texture; stalk 116 in. long, reddish like the young twigs. Flowers produced in May and June in short lateral and terminal racemes; corolla bell-shaped, rosy red, 14 in. long. Berries black. Bot. Mag., t. 1152.

Native of the south-eastern United States; introduced in 1787. It is not very hardy in the London district, and is better adapted to the milder parts. The only other evergreen vaccinium in cultivation with which it might be confused is V. vitis-idaea, which is a much sturdier shrub with larger leaves, speckled beneath with black dots.



Other species in the genus