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Clematis campaniflora Brot.

Modern name

Clematis campaniflora Brot.

A deciduous climber, growing 10 to 20 ft high, very vigorous; stems slender, slightly downy when young. Leaves composed normally of fifteen or twenty-one leaflets (that is, five or seven sets of three each), but irregular. Leaflets not toothed, but sometimes lobed, variable in shape, narrow-lanceolate, ovate and oval, up to 3 in. long, ultimately glabrous. Flowers solitary or several together at the end of a downy stalk 2 to 3 in. long, nodding, produced in July and August. Sepals four, woolly, oblong, pointed with the points recurved, 34 in. long, half expanded; white tinged with violet. Seed-vessels roundish ovate, terminated by a slightly downy style less than 13 in. long.

Native of Portugal; introduced in 1810. A hardy species, very thriving in cultivation. The flowers are scarcely bell-shaped, as implied by the name, but rather bowl-shaped. The species is an ally of C. viticella.



Other species in the genus