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Clematis nannophylla Maxim.

Modern name

Clematis nannophylla Maxim.

A deciduous shrub of erect, dense habit, growing 4 ft or more high and wide, young shoots slender, strongly ribbed, appressed grey-hairy. Leaves variable, 34 to 212 in. long, elegantly cut into usually three lobes or deeply, pinnately toothed, the parts narrow and sharply pointed; glabrous or nearly so. Flowers borne at the end of the branches, mostly solitary but sometimes in threes or, very rarely, in pairs. Each flower is 34 to 114 in. wide, the four ovate or oval sepals each 13 to 12 in. wide with a brown centre and golden-yellow margins; style-clusters i in. across. Bot. Mag., t. 9641.

Native of China, introduced from the province of Kansu by R. Farrer in 1914-15. It is a charming plant both in its elegantly cut leaves and the pretty, unusual colouring of its flowers. It frequently occurs wild under arid conditions. This species has always been rare in cultivation and now seems to have been lost altogether.



Other species in the genus