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Clematis × aromatica Lenné & Koch

Modern name

Clematis × aromatica Lenné & K.Koch

A presumed hybrid between C. integrifolia and C. flammula, and only woody at ground-level, dying back every winter. It grows 4 to 6 ft high, the stems slender, the leaves pinnate and mostly composed of five leaflets, which are oval or broadly ovate, unequal at the base, not toothed, and 1 to 212 in. long. Flowers 1 to 112 in. across, dark bluish violet, very fragrant, and produced on a slightly downy stalk about 2 in. long; sepals four, oblong, spreading fully, downy at the margins. Seed-vessels silky-hairy. It flowers from July to September, and is a valuable plant for grouping in the herbaceous border. Its origin is not precisely known, but the first place in which it was recorded as being in cultivation was the Royal Gardens of Sans Souci, about the middle of the nineteenth century. It is not a climber.



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