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Clematis songarica Bunge

Modern name

Clematis glauca Willd.

A semi-woody, scarcely climbing plant 4 or 5 ft high, with slender, furrowed, not downy stems. Leaves simple, lanceolate to linear; 112 to 4 in. long, 14 to 114 in. wide; margins either entire or coarsely and angularly toothed, quite glabrous, and of a greyish or glaucous green, with three prominent veins; stalk 12 to 114 in. long. Flowers yellowish white produced on stalked cymes 3 to 6 in. long, both axillary and terminal; each flower is 34 to 1 in. across, on a slender stalk 1 to 2 in. long. Sepals downy outside, glabrous within. Seed-vessels with plumed styles.

Native of S. Siberia, Turkestan, Mongolia, and the region of the river Sungari, from which it takes its name; sent to Kew in 1880 by E. Regel of St Petersburg. Both entire leaves and leaves with jagged margins occur on the same plant, the former usually as basal leaves of flowering branches, springing from the axils of leaves of the latter type. The whole plant has a grey-green tinge similar to that of C. orientalis, but its simple leaves distinguish it.



Other species in the genus