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Clematis verticillaris DC.Bell Rue

Modern name

Clematis occidentalis (Hornem.) DC.


Atragene americana Sims

A climbing shrub of the Atragene section 6 to 8 ft high; young stems slightly ribbed, glabrous, becoming much enlarged at the joints with age. Leaves ternate, being composed of three leaflets on a common stalk 2 to 3 in. long; leaflets ovate or heart-shaped, 1 to 2 in. long, coarsely toothed or entire, with a little loose down about the veins and stalks when young. Flower solitary on a stalk about 3 in. long, purple or purplish blue, 2 to 3 in. across. Sepals four, thin, lance-shaped, pointed, prominently veined, downy, especially at the margins; sepals about 58 in. long. Seed-vessel surmounted by a feathery style about 112 in. long. Bot. Mag., t. 887.

Native of eastern N. America; introduced in 1797. It is most nearly allied to the European C. alpina, producing its flowers in May from the joints of the previous year’s wood, and having petals or petal-like organs between the sepals and stamens. It is, however, quite distinct in having but three leaflets to each leaf, and these have not the deep, handsome toothing of C. alpina. C. verticillaris is now very rare in gardens, as it is said to be also in a wild state.

C. koreana Komar. – Another member of the Atragene section, closely allied to the preceding. It is a trailing plant with leaflets coarsely and evenly toothed, the central one three-lobed or three-parted. Flowers dull violet in the type, yellow in f. lutea Rehd.



Other species in the genus