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Cotoneaster glabratus Rehd. & Wils.

Modern name

Cotoneaster glabratus Rehder & E.H.Wilson

An evergreen shrub 10 ft or more high; young shoots usually purplish, soon quite glabrous. Leaves of leathery texture, mostly oblanceolate, sometimes narrowly elliptical, tapered towards both ends, oftenest more gradually towards the base; 2 to 4 in. long, 12 to 112 in. wide; glabrous and bright green above, glaucous and soon glabrous beneath; stalk 14 in. or less long. Flowers white, 14 in. wide, borne in dense corymbs 112 in. across, terminating short leafy shoots; calyx funnel-shaped, slightly downy like the flower-stalk; stamens twenty; styles two. Fruit rather small for this genus, red, globose.

Native of Szechwan, China; discovered by Wilson in 1906 and introduced in 1908 (No. 2185). It is nearly related to C. salicifolius, but the younger parts of that species are much more downy. The true species is perhaps rare in cultivation, the “C. glabratus” grown at Exbury and in other gardens, being, it is thought, a hybrid between C. frigidus and C. salicifolius (or one of its near allies).



Other species in the genus