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Cotoneaster uniflorus Bunge

Modern name

Cotoneaster uniflorus Bunge

This name has in gardens been given to several species of cotoneaster quite distinct from the true plant, most often to the evergreen C. microphyllus, with which it has nothing in common. The true uniflorus of Bunge is a deciduous shrub, found on the mountains of Siberia and Altai. It is, perhaps, only a dwarfed and depauperated C. integerrimus. In a wild state it is from a few inches to 212 ft high, with thin, obovate or broadly oval leaves, 34 to 1 in. long, glabrous above, downy when young beneath. Flowers usually solitary, sometimes in pairs; petals whitish, calyx glabrous. Fruit globose, red. This shrub is scarcely worth cultivating, and has probably no real claim to specific rank, but it differs from C. integerrimus in its dwarfer habit, its fewer flowers, and in the less woolly, smaller, narrower leaves.



Other species in the genus