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Cotoneaster nitens Rehd. & Wils.

Modern name

Cotoneaster nitens Rehder & E.H.Wilson

A deciduous shrub up to 6 ft high, of dense, leafy habit; young shoots slender, ‘bright brown, at first covered with tawny down. Leaves roundish oval, 12 to 78 in. long, 13 to 12 in. wide, pointed, tapered about equally towards both ends, dark shining green above, slightly downy beneath, becoming almost glabrous; stalk 112 in. long. Flowers pink, usually in threes, opening in June. Fruit egg-shaped, 14 to 13 in. long, purplish black, containing two nutlets.

Native of W. Szechwan, China; discovered and introduced by Wilson in 1910. This species is distinguished by its dense habit and abundant lustrous leafage. It is related to C. divaricatus but is scarcely so ornamental as that shrub, which is well distinguished from it by its red fruits.

C. harrysmithii Flinck & Hylmö – This recently described species was introduced by the Swedish botanist Dr Harry Smith, who collected in W. China 1921-22 and 1934. It is allied to C. nitens but differs in the following particulars: it is of weaker growth, with the branchlets arranged all in one plane; leaves elliptic, with an acute to acuminate apex, clad on both sides with persistent indumentum of soft hairs, about 35 in. long and a little more than half as wide; flowers and fruits smaller.



Other species in the genus