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Cotoneaster tomentosus Lindl.

Modern name

Cotoneaster nebrodensis (Guss.) K.Koch

A deciduous shrub of bushy habit up to 6 or 8 ft high, closely allied to C. integerrimus and differing chiefly in the rounder, larger leaves, the biggest of which are 212 in. long and 112 in. wide, slightly hairy above, very woolly beneath; stalk 18 to 14 in. long. Flowers in short, nodding clusters, from three to six in each cluster, white; calyx very woolly; fruit red; nutlets three to five.

Native of the mountainous parts of Central and S. Europe; introduced in 1759. It can scarcely be regarded as more than a variety of C. integerrimus, although a rather superior one. The leaves are larger and more uniformly rounded at both ends, still not invariably so. The best distinction is afforded by the extremely woolly calyx and flower-stalk. (See also C. zabelii.)



Other species in the genus