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Cotoneaster turbinatus Craib

Modern name

Cotoneaster turbinatus Craib

A vigorous evergreen shrub 10 ft or more high, of graceful habit; young shoots covered with fluffy grey down. Leaves narrowly oval, tapering about equally at both ends to a sharp point; 34 to 212 in. long, 38 to 1 in. wide; dark dull green above, covered beneath with a thick, grey-white felt. Flowers 14 in. wide, white, with rose-coloured anthers, produced towards the end of July in hemispherical corymbs 112 to 212 in. across; flower-stalks and calyx covered with grey wool; petals round; calyx-lobes triangular-acuminate. Fruit pear-shaped, 14 in. long, deep red, downy, ripe in October. Bot. Mag., t. 8546.

Native of China; introduced to Kew in 1910 from de Vilmorin’s collection at Les Barres. It is apparently perfectly hardy, and of rapid growth, remarkable and valuable among cotoneasters in flowering so late – six or eight weeks later than the majority, and a month later than any.



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