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Daphne alpina L.

Modern name

Daphne alpina L.

A dwarf, deciduous shrub 6 to 18 in. high, with short, erect, downy twigs. Leaves oblanceolate, 12 to 134 in. long, 16 to 13 in. wide, often crowded towards the end of the shoot, grey-green, downy on both sides. Flowers white, fragrant, produced during May and June in terminal clusters of six to ten, the cylindrical, slender tube 13 in. long, downy outside; the four lobes lanceolate, pointed; fruit yellowish red, rather downy.

Native of the European Alps; in cultivation 1759. Suitable for the rock garden, especially in association with limestone, on which formation it is always found. A neat plant of no great beauty, but pleasing for its fragrance.



Other species in the genus