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Daphne striata Tratt.

Modern name

Daphne striata Tratt.

An evergreen shrub forming close, dense mats and rarely much more than 6 to 12 in. high, the lower branches semi-prostrate; young shoots glabrous. Leaves 12 to 1 in. long, oblanceolate, pointed, crowded at the end of the shoots, dullish green. Flowers in terminal heads of eight to twelve; perianth 12 in. long, the lobes giving it a diameter of about 14 in., rosy pink, charmingly fragrant.

A native of the European Alps, which has been cultivated since 1827, but is very rare in gardens and hard to cultivate successfully. It is nearly related to D. cneorum, which is well distinguished, however, by its downy, plain perianth which in D. striata is glabrous and striated.



Other species in the genus