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Deutzia grandiflora Bunge

Modern name

Deutzia grandiflora Bunge

A deciduous shrub up to 6 ft high, young shoots at first grey with stellate down. Leaves ovate, toothed (the teeth rather outwardly set), pointed, usually broadly wedge-shaped, sometimes rounded at the base, 1 to 212 in. long, 12 to 112 in. wide, rough to the touch above, white beneath with a close, fine, starry down; stalk up to 18 in. long. Flowers white, 1 to 114 in. wide, produced in May one to three together at the end of short leafy twigs; petals oblong or broadening towards the rounded ends. The wings of the stamens spread outwards and are decurved at the ends.

Native of N. China; named as long ago as 1835; introduced in 1910. It is very distinct amongst cultivated deutzias in the large size of the flowers and in their being borne not more than three together. For one of its genus it flowers early in China, i.e., towards the end of April and in May. The wings of the stamens, curved back like the hooks of a halberd, are also distinctive.

From the Supplement (Vol. V)

This was reintroduced by Roy Lancaster in 1980 from hills near the Great Wall of China, where it grows with Spiraea trilobata.



Other species in the genus