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Deutzia × elegantissima (Lemoine) Rehd.

Modern name

Deutzia × elegantissima Rehder


D. discolor elegantissima Lemoine

The hybrids of this group were distributed by Lemoine as ‘varieties’ of D. discolor, but there is little doubt that the parentage is D. purpurascens × sieboldiana. The typical form of the cross – ‘Elegantissima’ – is a shrub of erect habit that bears some resemblance to D. purpurascens but shows the influence of the second parent in the broader, sharply acuminate leaves. Flowers rosy pink in bud and on the reverse, white flushed with rose on the inside, in loose, erect corymbs, borne in June. Award of Garden Merit 1954. ‘Fasciculata’, put out by Lemoine two years later, is similar. A newer hybrid of the elegantissima group is ‘Rosealind’, which was raised by the Slieve Donard Nursery Co. and received a Preliminary Commendation in 1962. It bears flowers of a deep carmine-pink and grows to 4 or 5 ft high.



Other species in the genus