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Deutzia mollis Duthie

Modern name

Deutzia mollis Duthie

A deciduous shrub 5 or 6 ft high, with reddish-brown, hairy young shoots. Leaves lanceolate, oval, or broadly ovate, 2 to 412 in. long, 58 to 214 in. wide; shortly or slenderly pointed, rounded or tapered at the base, finely toothed, dull green and rough with stellate hairs above, grey and thickly felted with soft down beneath. Flowers white, 12 in. across, produced during June in dense corymbs 2 to 3 in. in diameter. Petals rounded, imbricate in the bud; wings of stamens tapered from the base to the top, and quite entire; calyx-lobes very short, broad, and reflexed. Flower-stalks and calyx densely covered with short hairs and starry scales. Bot. Mag., t. 8559.

Native of Hupeh, China; discovered by Wilson, and introduced by him in 1901. It is very distinct from the older deutzias in the thick down beneath the leaves, and in the tapering filaments. It flowers in June, but has not yet made a great display.



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