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Deutzia × hybrida Lemoine

Modern name

Deutzia × hybrida Lemoine

An important group of hybrid deutzias raised by Lemoine and put into commerce 1925-36. One parent was D. longifolia; the other is usually given as D. discolor but it may be that D. purpurascens or D. × elegantissima were used. The type of the group is ‘Mont Rose’, which was put into commerce in 1925 as D. hybrida MontRose. Leaves narrowly ovate, sharply toothed, to 312 in. long. Flowers fuchsia purple, slightly crimped at the margins; anthers golden yellow. Others in this group are: ‘Contraste’, with gracefully arching branches; flowers star-shaped, similar in colour to ‘Mont Rose’, but with a darker stripe on the reverse of the petals. ‘Magicien’ is similar, but the petals are edged with white. In ‘Joconde’ the flowers are white, about 114 in. across, purple in bud and on the reverse of the petals. Finally, ‘Perle Rose’ has smaller flowers than in other members of the group, but freely borne. They are pale pink.



Other species in the genus