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Modern names not shown on narrow screens.

Genus/Species Name Common Name Modern Name
Ulex europaeus L.Gorse, Furze, WhinUlex europaeus L.
Ulex gallii Planch.Ulex gallii Planch.
Ulex minor RothDwarf GorseUlex minor Roth
Ulmus americana L.American or white elmUlmus americana L.
Ulmus angustifolia (West.) West.Goodyer's ElmUlmus minor Mill.
Ulmus campestris L., nom. ambig.Ulmus glabra Huds.
Ulmus canescens MelvilleUlmus canescens Melville
Ulmus carpinifolia GleditschEuropean Field Elm, Smooth ElmUlmus carpinifolia Gled.
Ulmus coritana MelvilleCoritanian ElmUlmus coritana Melville
Ulmus crassifolia Nutt.Cedar ElmUlmus crassifolia Nutt.
Ulmus elliptica K. KochUlmus elliptica K.Koch
Ulmus glabra Huds.Wych or Scotch ElmUlmus glabra Huds.
Ulmus × hollandica Mill.Ulmus × hollandica Mill.
Ulmus japonica (Rehd.) Sarg.Ulmus davidiana var. japonica (Rehder) Nakai
Ulmus laevis Pall.Ulmus laevis Pall.
Ulmus macrocarpa HanceUlmus macrocarpa Hance
Ulmus parvifolia Jacq.Ulmus parvifolia Jacq.
Ulmus plotii DrucePlot ElmUlmus minor Mill.
Ulmus procera Salisb.English ElmUlmus minor Mill.
Ulmus pumila L.Ulmus pumila L.
Ulmus rubra Muhl.Slippery or red elmUlmus rubra Muhl.
Ulmus serotina Sarg.Red or September ElmUlmus serotina Sarg.
Ulmus thomasii Sarg.Rock ElmUlmus thomasii Sarg.
Ulmus villosa BrandisCherry-bark or Marn ElmUlmus villosa Brandis ex Gamble
Ulmus 'Viminalis'Ulmus 'Viminalis'
Ulmus wallichiana Planch.Ulmus wallichiana Planch.
Ulmus wilsoniana Schneid.Ulmus davidiana var. japonica (Rehder) Nakai
Umbellularia californica (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt.California LaurelUmbellularia californica (Hook. & Arn.) Nutt.
Ungnadia speciosa Endl.Mexican or Spanish buckeyeUngnadia speciosa Endl.