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Vitis argentifolia Munson

Modern name

Vitis aestivalis var. argentifolia (Munson ex L.H. Bailey) Fernald


?V. bicolor Leconte, not Raf.; V. aestivalis var. argentifolia (Munson) Fern.

A vigorous deciduous climber, with round shoots free from down, but usually very glaucous, a tendril missing from every third joint. Leaves 4 to 12 in. wide and long, three- or five-lobed, irregularly and shallowly toothed, usually glabrous on both surfaces, and vividly blue-white beneath. In other respects this vine is similar to V. aestivalis, to which it is most nearly allied. It is a native of the eastern and central United States, and in cultivation in Britain makes a luxuriant climber. Visitors to Goat Island, Niagara Falls, will have noticed its abundance there, associating with Celastrus scandens and other climbers in the production of a beautiful and luxuriant effect; this vine is conspicuous in the blue-white young shoots and under-surface of the leaves, to which the popular name refers.



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