Acer pilosum Maxim.

Modern name

Acer pilosum Maxim.

A deciduous tree with glabrous, angular young shoots. Leaves three-lobed, the lobes ovate-lanceolate, pointed, toothed or nearly entire, the lateral ones wide-spreading and forming a truncate or slightly heart-shaped base to the leaf; 112 to 3 in. long, often rather more wide; glabrous, dark green with pale veins above, slightly glaucous and downy beneath, especially on the veins; stalk reddish, 34 to 112 in. long, downy. Flowers few in a cluster or short raceme; males and females in separate clusters. Fruit 34 in. long, with downy nutlets and parallel, forward-pointing wings.

Native of N. China; discovered in Kansu by Dr Piasezki in 1875; introduced to the Arnold Arboretum in 1911 from the same province by W. Purdom, under whose No. 767 it may be in cultivation.



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