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Acer × dieckii (Pax) Pax

Modern name

Acer platanoides L.


A. lobelii var. dieckii Pax; A. platanoides integrilobum Zab.

A deciduous tree probably 60 ft high ultimately. Leaves three; four; or five-lobed, 3 to 7 in. (sometimes as much as 10 in.) wide; two-thirds as long, dark glossy green above, with tufts of brown hairs in the axils of the veins beneath; lobes broadly triangular, blunt-pointed, margins nearly always entire. Flowers yellow, in corymbs. Fruit glabrous; the keys 112 to 134 in. long, spreading at a broad angle.

A hybrid, believed to have originated from A. platanoides and A. lobelii; introduced from the Zoeschen nursery to Kew in 1887. It was first sent out under the second synonym given above. The leaf-stalk exudes a milky sap when broken.



Other species in the genus